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CCTV register introduced by Australia police to deter offenders


NSW Police Force has established a CCTV register in an effort to create a safer environment by reducing violence, crime and fear.

Hume Police District Chief Inspector John Sheehan said CCTV is common practice for business, council and private residences.

“CCTV footage has become an important investigative tool for police,” he said.

“It is regularly used to investigate and solve often serious crimes and has proven to be very useful in court when used as evidence -a picture says a thousand words.”

Chief Inspector Sheehan said by using CCTV footage, police were able to rapidly identify any offenders and progress their investigation.

He said the problem to date, however, has been knowing where these cameras are located.

To overcome this, police have established the NSW Police Force CCTV register.

The register provides the police with an accurate and comprehensive register that identifies the location of as many CCTV systems as possible across the state.

“Information stored in the register has been collected and will be used for operational policing purposes,” Mr Sheehan said.

“We will not provide this information to a third party and we will secure this information from unauthorised access.”

To be included in the register, an organisation must register itself with the NSW Police Force.

  • Registration is voluntary and may be completed either online via the internet or a manual registration form.
  • The CCTV register is purely a register of locations and does not provide any direct access to CCTV footage or systems.
  • Officers wishing to view or obtain material from a registered organisation will need to contact the nominated contact person to make arrangements.
  • Officers are advised that registered organisations are under no obligation to provide police with any CCTV footage and a warrant or similar may be required.


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