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‘Bring back Mandela!’, rival challenges viral pastor Alph Lukau

A leader of a charismatic church in South Africa has gone to confront another pastor for “bringing Christianity into disrepute” by staging a bogus resurrection.

Self-styled prophet Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng of the Incredible Happenings church can been see in the video below shouting at the gates of Alph Lukau’s church saying: “I’m not here to fight anyone, I’m here to get answers.”

“If it’s true that you resurrected a man, then let’s go to Mandela’s grave to do the same,” the BBC’s Nomsa Maseko heard him say at the scene.

Mr Motsoeneng was himself mocked online after reportedly charging followers to view his photos of “heaven”.

On Sunday (February 24) a video went viral of a man risen from the dead, after an evangelist prayed for him at a megachurch in Johannesburg.

In the video, pastor Alph Lukau of the Alleluia Ministries International lays hands on a man in a coffin, who sits up in the coffin in what the church declared a miracle.

The man is alleged to have died on Friday and his body was being transported to Zimbabwe when his grieving family turned into the church on Sunday. After he was brought back to life he was paraded around inside the church, then fed a plate of food, all while wearing a shocked expression.

The Sunday service was live-streamed on Lukau’s YouTube page, which has 635,000 subscribers, and then tweeted to the pastor’s more than 22,700 followers.

South Africans responded by starting a resurrection challenge on social media, mocking the miracle. Yet, there were just as many who believed it, prompting the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic communities, (CRL Rights Commission) to launch an investigation.

Source: BBC



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